Coincidence I think not

I want to share a heart warming story that recently happened to a friend if mine….and yes, it is true…

I had a meeting with a friend the other day. She is the widow of a good friend of mine who passed away too young, only 42. It’s been 5 years since then, and she still talks to him every day.

So, a funny story happened when she was going to get a new little sports car for herself. The car had arrived at the lot, they called her up, said they were going to gas it up, come on down to pick it up tomorrow.

Morning came around and she was heading over to the car dealership to pick up her new Volkswagen bug convertible. While she was driving she started having second thoughts about this “splurge”. Feeling guilty, she started talking to her late husband again, just as she does every day. On the way to the dealership, she stopped at the post office.

As she sat in the parking lot of the Post Office and turned off the car, she asked him just to give her a sign that this was the right thing to do. Was she doing this because she was still struggling with stuff, she still trying to find herself, or was it something that she honestly just deserved?

After a few minutes of conversation and self-deliberation, she went in the post office, dropped off her letter and walked back out to her car. No more than one, maybe two minutes at the most. She got into the car and the dashboard lights all turned on but she couldn’t start the car. In fact, it wouldn’t even turn over. Her car, that she had driven for years with no issues, just died. No warnings, no notice, just done.

Well, she clearly took this as a sign from her late husband, and got her brand-new little bug.

She had to get the car towed to her dealer to get it fixed. The weird piece is that the mechanic came out and said, “You know what is interesting about this problem, is that we never see it. It’s just the starter fuse blew out, very simple, very inexpensive. And we have no idea how it happened.”

Coincidence, I think not. And yes, this is a true story.