Toontastic for Language and Story Sequencing

The Skinny: This particular app has already been given Apple’s “App store Hall of Fame” status. So you know it’s pretty good. Toontastic is an amazing game that you can use to build language and story sequencing. It is simply designed to show how a story goes from beginning to climax to the end. They even integrate music so…

Toontastic for Language and Story Sequencing was originally published on KidConnectionZ

Pictello for Story Sequencing and Language

The Skinny: Pictello is a great app for story sequencing and basic language.  You easily create visual stories and talking books on your iPad or iPhone.  Our speech therapist recommended this years ago, and we still use it to do a simple scrapbook of any trip we go on.  However, we started by simply documenting an excursion we might go on during an afternoon.  Essentially, each page is a simple photo pulled from your phone, and a caption for that event.  Put a half-a-dozen of these together and share them with your family!  The program has a nice read-along feature that will read what you write, so your kid can practice hearing the correct language about a subject they want to know about.  And, once you are finished, you can share it!

What it is: Pictello

What it’s used for: Story Sequencing and Language

Ways to use it:

  • Story Sequencing:
    • Start simple.  Do a task around the house and take a photo for each step.  i.e. feeding the dog.  First photo of the dog, “Fido is hungry”; 2nd photo, “I’m feeding the dog”; 3rd photo, “Fido is eating his food”.  It’s really simple, but gets the basic steps across for an activity that he or she can related directly too.
    • And complexity.  This piece goes on and on to wherever you want to take it.  Have it cover an entire day’s worth of activities.  Or the weekend trip to Disneyland or visiting the Grandparents.
    • Share it with friends and family.  This something your child can be proud of, make sure everyone recognizes them for it!

Where to find it: Apple App Store.  Can be used on both iPhone and iPad.

The Source: Our speech therapist.

Pictello for Story SequencingPictello for Story Sequencing









Pictello for Story Sequencing and Language was originally published on KidConnectionZ