Code4Armour for Medical and Safety Issues

The Skinny: Code4Armour is a unique device that acts as a medical wristband. Essentially replacing your medical ID alert bracelet with a wristband that contains an RFID device. This allows any medical responder with an iPhone and an app access to all your child’s relevant medical information. I like this for some kids with challenges because if they have limited language, or neurological issues, or anything that can render their ability to communicate effectively, then this can be a perfect solution. They are currently funding on Indiegogo.  I have yet to try one out to see if it passes muster, because they are still in their funding phase, but it appears to be a fabulous device and can’t wait to get my hands on one to share my experiences with you. If you have a child that elopes this would be a great device as well, because it can help your child get back home when they are lost. Go over to their site and check them out.

What it is: Code4Armour

What it’s used for: Medical information for kids with language challenges.  Kids that elope frequently.

Ways to use it:

  • Medical:
      • You simply wear it on your wrist.  In case of an emergency, a medical responder scans the wristband and the information is pulled up.

    Where to find it: The products website is located here:

    Their Indiegogo site for crowdfunding this brand-new state-of-the-art product is here.

    The Source: Code4Armour. I connected with them through Twitter, and was really engaged with what this product can potentially do.

code4armour for medical

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