Pirate Insult Generator

Not just Talk, but INSULT Like a Pirate!

pirate insult generatorAs we all know (or should, if you still have some kid left in you!) today is the official, Talk Like A Pirate Day! It’s a lot of fun. And to spice it up a bit, I put a bit of a twist to it. I created an official “Insult Like a Pirate” sheet where you can put all your foul-smelling words together and lovingly share them with a friend or family member with great joy! You can find it here:

Pirate Insult Generator

Enjoy you Snivelin’ marooning Sea-dogs!

(and, if you are wondering, that is Robert Louis Stevenson on the right and Long John Silver down below!)  You can find their AWESOME Treasure Island for Kids book here (yes, shameless plug, but kids LOVE the books!)


long john silver playing with plays


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