Another #ShakesTweet – Henry IV, Part 1

Here’s another great post by Alan Peat doing 50-tweets renditions of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.  This time, Henry IV, Part 1 (I wonder if he has a History of the World, Part 1, misc tweet or two in there?)

Here is an excerpt or two and a link to the actual post:

1402. Henry IV wants a crusade but there’s trouble at home – Ed. Mortimer (English) captured by Glendower (Welsh leader); 1000 English dead

And there’s more: their ‘private parts’ have been chopped off. Even more – Hotspur not handing over Scots prisoners from Battle of Holmedon

Alan Peat’s Henry IV, Part 1 tweet blog

Another #ShakesTweet – Henry IV, Part 1 was originally published on Shakespeare for Kids Books


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